Products fail because the design teams do not make the right investments for different reasons. I write about self-awareness of:

  • why we work and how we work

  • how we pick our battles and where we drop the gun

  • where we fail the products and where the products fail us back

  • All things UX, design, CX, content strategy, product strategy, product ownership, product management, and the product narrative.

Connect with me on Twitter and know more about me at vinishgarg.com.

As on 26 March 2020, I commit to two posts a month. Watch out as I might update this section anytime.

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We work for the systems. All products, UX, design, content strategy, and even the food, the spatial navigation, and raising kids and elders—all the forces are towards the systems within and around us.


An independent product manager, UX and design leader, product positioning and content strategy, system thinking, and civic tech learner